Blue Flower



  • Connection to 1 platform, single or 4 loadcells.
    Up to 6.000 divisions, multi-range.
    Metrological components in a separate enclosure (it allows access to the main elements of labeller without breaking metrological seals).
  • Stainless steel.
  • Dot matrix graphic LCD.
    2 types of displays, selectable by user: complete information or weight only (with checkweigher).
  • 105 keys (15 x 7).
    80 x 2 direct PLU keys. 
    2" printer. Direct thermal.
    100 mm/sec.
    Possibility to print receipts or die-cut labels. Linerless (label rolls without backpaper) optional.
    Cassette system for quick change of paper roll.
    Opto detector for withdrawn labels.
  • Printing of EAN-13, GS-1 Databar (consult us) and EAN-128.
    Connection to scanner to read barcodes.
    Scanner powered by the labeller (5 VDC).
  • PC communications: Ethernet TCP/IP.
    Wi-Fi (802.11) optional.
    Connection to labeller from mobile devices by means of Web Server (Dibal Web Server, optional).
    USB port, for load/download data and configurations, backup copies and firmware updates.
  • DFS+DLD: labeller configuration, design of labels, sending and reception of data and reports (fully customizable).
    RGI / DGI / SDK: Advanced tools for easy integration of labeller with company backoffice.
  • Up to 20 operators.
    Up to 10.000 articles (PLUs) in memory.
    3 names (20 characters) + 20 texts (24 characters) + 1 text (1024 characters).
    PLU prices: regular, offer, by weight segments, discounts.
    Global expiry date, alphanumerical batch.
    Logos (100).
    Generic traceability.
    Labels up to 60 (printing: 54) x 150 mm (w x l).
    20+40 formats, 60 information fields.
    Printing by PLU or automatic.
    Printing of label copies.
    Labels of totals, with 4 levels (i.e.: tray-box-pallet-container).
    Connection to scanner for EAN-13, EAN-128 reading.
    Quick change of paper roll (cassette system).
    Piece-counting function.
    Receipt working mode.
    Printing of reports.
    Optional "anti-blackout" internal battery.
    Macros (recording of a sequence of keys, to create a "shortcut" to any task).
  • Optional for labeller + platform.