Blue Flower



  • The new DIBAL D-900 Series of retail scales combine the advantages of a vendor touchscreen and customer advertising displays with the simplicity and economy of traditional electronics.
  • D-955: 10.000 PLUs. 999 direct keys (displayed in successive screens, up to 100). 20 vendors. Label printer.
  • Flat, Pole, Double body and Hanging in stainless steel.
  • Mono-range (3.000 divisions):
    15 kg - 5 g
    30 kg - 10 g
    Multi-range (3.000 divisions):
    6 kg - 2 g  #  15 kg - 5 g
    15 kg - 5 g  #  30 kg - 10 g
    Mono-range (6.000 divisions):
    12 kg - 2 g
    30 kg - 5 g
  • 10,4" TFT touchscreen (in Flat and Pole formats) or 12,1" TFT touchscreen (in Double Body and Hanging), fully configurable.
  • 7" in Flat and Pole formats.
    7" or 12,1" TFT in Double Body and Hanging formats.
    Adjustable tilt on buyer’s 7” display.
    Adjustable tilt and height on buyer’s 12,1” display.
    Advertising on customer display: Continuous sequence of images, offers,… shown even during sales operations.
    Easy design of images for each scale with “Dibal CDA” PC software for Windows.
  • Complete information for each PLU:
    - Regular and offer price.
    - Price by weight segments and per kg/100 g.
    - 3 names of 20 characters.
    - 20 free texts of 24 characters.
    - Profitability code.
    Sales and management reports: sales (by article, vendor, time slots, last month,...), margins, cash drawer report, last modified PLUs,...
    Fast and reliable communications among scales, PC and mobile devices including new DWS (Dibal Web Server).
  • All functions of User and Technical menus accessible from Vendor’s display (programmable passwords).
    Possibility to customize menus, selecting the most common functions in "Favourites".
    More frequent receipt/label function keys, with selectable background color.
    Direct keys to Sections, PLUs and Vendors, with selectable picture, number and size.
    Menus can be printed in the scale.
    Search of PLUs by number.
    Search of PLUs by name: typing the initial characters of the name, the display shows the matching items.
    60 programmable “Macros”: recording of a sequence of keys, to create a "shortcut" to any task: change of batch number, access to programming parameters, receipt reopening, reports, etc.
  • High resolution (2”, 54 mm) and fast thermal printer: up to 100 mm/second.
    - Up to 75 lines.
    - 2 fixed and 2 programmable formats.
    - 4 logos per receipt.
    - Vendor’s name.
    - 9 payment modes.
    - Total in €, old national currency and 2 additional currencies.
    - Discounts on line and total.
    - Loyalty points.
    - Clients on account.
    - Recipes.
    - 20 fixed and 40 programmable formats.
    - From 30x30 up to 60x150 mm.
    - 100 logos.
    - 60 fields of information.
    - 100 programmable texts.
    - Manual and automatic pre-packing modes.
    - 3 levels of totals.
    - Printing of a preset number of label copies.
    - Printing with 90º, 180º and 270º rotation.
    - “Opto” automatic adjustment for paper detection.
    - Labelling between a minimum and maximum weight previously established (checkweigher).
    - Global expiration date.
    - Alphanumerical batch.
  • Inmediate change of paper roll, featuring a cassette.
    Linerless (adhesive paper rolls without backpaper):
    - D-955 models can be supplied with “linerless” option, to print adhesive labels or receipts without backpaper.
    - Linerless system benefits our environment, as there is no backpaper waste.
    - Scales with linerless option can print labels of variable length -with no waste of paper- or adhesive receipts (that can be used, for example, to close the customer bag).
    - They can also print conventional receipts or labels, simply changing the cassette and operation mode.
  • D-900 Series scales can print in both receipts and labels EAN-13, GS1 DataBar and EAN-128 barcodes.
    Moreover, they also allow the connection of a scanner, powered by the scale (5VDC), to read these barcodes.
  • Including EU Bovine Meat Regulations.
    10 types of generic traceability (for meat, fish, fruits, vegetables,…) and up to 99 products.
  • When this option is activated, the scale will keep a full copy of all receipts printed during the fiscal period. They can be listed and sent to PC.
  • Entry of initial stock.
    Register of sales, deducted from stock.
    Display and print reports of stock by PLU.
    Adjustment of stock after physical inventory.
    Information can be sent to PC.
  • Interconnection and computer connection of scales based on Ethernet TCP/IP, as standard, and Wireless (Wi-Fi IEE802.11) or Homeplug, as an option.
    Interconnection of scales, up to 16 per section, operates on a “master + slaves” or “master + submaster + slaves” configuration.
    USB Port: it allows to connect an external memory device, for copy or restore data and configurations of the scale, and dump sales data.
    Fully compatible with DIBAL 500 Range scales.
  • DWS: Access to the information of each scale from computers or mobile devices with web browser.
  • DFS: Scales programming and sales reception.
    DLD: Design of receipts and labels.
    CDA: Design of advertising images.